Dungeon in a Box Subscription

We only have a couple of weeks left in December, and then we are heading into the new year.

We have loads of new items coming in the new year, more on new tile sets and accessories in another post, but new products include the new Dungeon in the Box Subscription service.

The first box is due to be sent out on Friday 14th January. If you order before the end of December, you will receive a DMB Games Die Rolling Tray as a pre-order bonus.

The First box itself will contain the following Items:

5x Floor Tiles

  • 4x 2x2 Floor Tiles
  • 1x 4x4 Floor Tile

7x Wall Tiles 

  • 1x 4.5 Block Wall Tile
  • 1x 4 Block Wall Tile
  • 1x 2.5 Block Wall Tile
  • 2x 2 Block Wall Tiles
  • 2x Outside L-Corner Wall Tiles


  • 2x Dungeon Archways
  • 6x Large Treasure Chests

All Tiles int eh Dungeon in A Box Subscription are sent unpainted.

Digital Assets

The Background Story of the Vault and the Sorcerer Istalizan – Part 1
Map of the “Vault” – 1st Quarter
Dungeon Encounter 1

Here is a little more about the Digital assets you’ll receive.

The Background Story of The Vault and the Sorcerer Istalizan

Regarding The Vault.

This vast sprawling underground complex was once used by the sorcerer Istalizan to house his prized possessions.

From his menagerie of Monsters to magic items, his trophies, treasures, and even powerful enemies were housed here for his viewing pleasure.

The area around the tower was avoided by most sane people unless they were invited to enter the grounds by the sorcerer himself.

No one really knows the truth of what happened to Istalizan, but his Vault once sealed by powerful magics has recently become accessible again. What has caused the impenetrable magic wards to start to fade and break is uncertain and for some, including myself, intriguing if not a little concerning. “

             - An Excerpt from the writings of Togo Oakenstump, Halfling Explorer,                   and Historian of Rosebyrne and its Surroundings.

This multi part story will give you all the background you need to drop the encounters and the environments presented in the subscription box into your existing campaign, or even use it as the basis for a campaign setting of your own.

Over time you’ll uncover the story of the Sorcerer Istalizan, his sprawling Vault and the area he chose to house the complex, to the southeast of the town of Rosebyrne.

Map of the Vault

This 4-part map will be spread out throughout the subscription, showing you how the vault is put together and were the Dungeon encounters in the subscription box fit. This will give you lots of opportunity to include your own encounters and place some of the traps, monsters, and other information provided in the subscription.

Dungeon Encounter

The Dungeon Encounter will use the tiles in the box, and include an encounter map, any monsters, or adversaries, with tactics, areas with read aloud text and any other information you may need to run it.

Each month the digital assets and the tiles in the box will change and you’ll receive new dungeon maps, encounters, and even digital battle maps to enhance your games.

Each box costs £30 and will be dispatched from us on the 14th of each month.

Click here to be taken to the webstore so you can order yours today!

See you on the Flipside

Andy @DMB

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  • sal gunduz

    Hello andy, regarding the dungeon in a box and the pieces you intend to send out. These are all unpainted right? Thanks and Merry Christmas.

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