Dungeon 12: The Stonehammer Clan Halls

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Our Twelfth Dungeon is The Stonehammer Clan Halls

Another large dungeon today, with more dwarves at the core of it. This one has a few more details in the rooms, and I rolled the rooms randomly but chose what numbers to place them in, so that there was a better flow through the map, rather than just randomly rolling each room as I have done before.

Dungeon Creation Information

Location: In the Side of a Cliff
Creator:  Dwarves
Dungeon Purpose: Lair
History: Creators Destroyed by an internal struggle

The Stonehammer clan built their home in to the side of the cliff that housed the veins of precious minerals and gemstones that had made the clan rich. Like most Dwarven settlements, there where many layers, elevators and a shafts running up down and through the cliff. When the veins started to run low, they dug deeper and deeper into the cliff face, searching for more things to mine.

Eventually they exhausted the resources available to them, and where left with a choice to make. Stay in their ancestral home or wander the land looking for a new place to call home. The Thane decided they should leave, but not everyone was happy with this decision. It led to a civil war, and the ultimate destruction of the clan Stonehammer.

Dungeon Environment:

These environmental and atmospheric features should be used to give a general feeling for the dungeon and can be placed in any rooms that you feel they should feature. They can be used as little or as often as you feel is appropriate for your game.

Noises: Thuds, Coughing & Humming.
Air: Clear and Damp.
Odours: Manure, Urine.
General Features: Guano, Dripping Blood, Pick Handles, Common Fungi, Water trickles.
General Furnishings and Appointments: Walking Staff, Cushions, 40 gallon Casks,  Blankets, Throne, Sheets, Hassock, Firkins (Small 10 gallon Cask), mats & Small Tables.

Room 1: Elevator Lobby & Entryway

Contents: Monster with treasure
Door 1: Wooden Double Doors
Room Purpose: The Elevator from the Surface, and lower levels drops into this room.
Current Chamber State: Filled with Boxes, and Crates piled read to be put on the Elevator.

Room 2: Guard Room

Contents: Monster with Treasure
Door 1: Stone Door.
Door 2: Wooden Door
Room Purpose: To Protect the complex
Current Chamber State: Furniture intact, with a weapon rack.

Room 3: Guard Room

Contents: Monster with Treasure
Door 1: Stone Door.
Door 2: Iron Door
Room Purpose: To Protect the complex
Current Chamber State: Furniture intact, with a weapon rack.

Room 4: Barracks

Contents: Monster
Room Purpose: Sleeping quarters for the Dwarves who live here.
Current Chamber State: Bunk beds, and foot lockers line this room. Tables and chairs are also dotted around the room.

Room 5: Trophy Room

Contents: Monster Guarding Treasure
Door 1: Iron Door.
Room Purpose: To display the clans’ treasure, and achievements.
Current Chamber State: Filled with empty pedestals, with plaques and stone tablets.

Room 6: Storage

Contents: Monster
Room Purpose: to store mundane equipment, and perishables for the clan.
Current Chamber State: Stacked Crates an Barrels fill this room

Room 7: Audience chamber

Contents: Monster
Door 1: Portcullis hidden behind a tapestry
Room Purpose: used by the Clan Thane to receive visitors.
Current Chamber State: Furniture smashed and thrown around the room.

Room 8: Armoury

Contents: Empty Room with Treasure
Door 1: Iron Locked
Room Purpose: To house the arms and armaments of the Clan
Current Chamber State: Weapon Racks and armour stands are dotted around the room, some still contain items.

Room 9: Throne Room

Contents: Monster & Trap
Room Purpose: The Clans affairs of state where handled here.
Current Chamber State: Ornate Stone pillars and stone benches line this room.

Room 10: Feast Hall

Contents: Monster
Door 1:
Wooden Door.
Door 2: Wooden Door.
Room Purpose: to hold feasts and celebrations.
Current Chamber State: Furniture set and ready for use.

Room 11: Kitchen

Contents: Hazard
Room Purpose: preparing food and drink for the clan
Current Chamber State: Burnt, and full of ashes

Room 12: Training and Exercise Room

Contents: Trap & Hazard
Door 1: Wooden Door
Door 2: Wooden Door
Room Purpose: For the Clan defenders and miners to exercise and train in.
Current Chamber State: Rubble and partial wall collapse at the back of the room.

Room 13: Cistern

Contents: Trap
Room Purpose: fresh water supply for the Clan
Current Chamber State: Empty

Room 14: Chapel

Contents: Treasure
Room Purpose: used by the clan for worship
Current Chamber State: Dusty and cobwebbed, but otherwise untouched.

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