Rosebyrne Manor

Rosebyrne is a Dungeon Delving game for 2-5 Players with a difference.

The game has an overall story, with a definitive beginning and end to it. The route the players take to get there is decided by the choices that they make as they navigate their way through the chapters of the story, uncovering clues, interacting with NPC’s and the inhabitants of the manor changing the way the players interact with the story, and the world of Rosebyrne as the game is played and the story unfolds.

It has a randomized Map mechanic, (although it can be played on a fixed board) and customizable encounter decks so, no two games should be the same!

The custom dice mechanic is based on a d12 success system, with opposed combat rolls and a campaign and experience system that will allow you to take one of the 10 base characters to heights only dreamed of by most adventurers.