About Grumpy Gorrilla Publications

Grumpy Gorilla Publications Games is a company that produces high quality games, and gaming accessories, designed for Gamers by Gamers.
We make 3D Scenery, that we like to call our Dungeon Tiles!
Dungeon Tiles is a bit of a misnomer for them, as although their primary use is for creating dungeon scenes for your tabletop roleplaying games like Pathfinder, Dungeons & Dragons and the 101 other game systems out there. We even do Board game specific sets!
They make great display bases for any miniatures and they also individually make great Bases for figures.
Each dungeon tile is hand made, right here in the UK, using materials sourced from local businesses.
Each set is created and for those with a deluxe finish is painted individually, so there may be sight variations in colour and small imperfections, like small air bubbles, or slight malformations.
We feel this adds to the uniqueness of the pieces and allows for some great modelling opportunities.
The masters that we create to make the pieces are cast by hand and made from component parts. These original component parts come from Hirst Arts moulds, which have some of the finest sculpted pieces we have seen.
We are fully Licensed by Hirst Arts, and use their moulds along with our own sculpting to make all of our pieces.