Tile Commission Painting

All our tiles and accessories are made from high quality Polyurethane Resin and come unpainted as standard.

This doesn't mean we can’t paint the tiles for you before we dispatch them. With the size of the range, we now have its difficult to give painting pricing for each tile on the website but it’s not an off the shelf service as the tiles take different amounts of time to paint depending upon the details and the colour scheme chosen.

We do have prices listed for painted versions of our Core and Room sets, as we know what’s in each of them and how long it takes to paint them as a whole set, which can be a bit quicker sometimes, but individual tiles are a lot more difficult.

We have listed below the average price for the paint schemes that we do, and these are on top of the cost of the tile. This will give you a rough idea of how much it will cost to get your order painted, although some of the tiles have more details than others and so take extra time to paint, so will be slightly more expensive. 

Floor Tiles


Standard Floor Tile

75p Per 1 Inch Square

Decorative Floor Tile

£1.25p per 1 inch Square

Wall Tiles


Standard Wall Tile

£1.00 per 1 Inch Block

Decorative Wall Tile

£2.00 per 1 Inch Block

Accessory Packs


Standard Accessory Pack


Large Accessory Pack


We have priced the painting by square, or block, as we have a wide verity of tile and wall sizes so rather than price per hour, I have chosen to price everything by size.

As an example:

A 2x2 Cracked Flagstone Floor Tile would cost you £1 to buy the tile, and then £3 to have it painted (4x 1-inch squares @ 75p each) So a total of £4 for a Painted 2x2 Floor Tile.

A 4 Block wall would cost you £2 to buy the tile £4 to have it painted (4x 1 Block walls @ £1 each) giving you a total of £6 for a painted 4 Block Wall.

Although this sounds confusing, the ordering Process is quite simple for having your tiles painted.

You process your order for the tiles through the webstore and pay for the tiles to be produced (the Unpainted cost listed on the website) and then add the free Commission painting item from the webstore as well.

This tells me that you want a quote for having the tiles painted. Then I'll shoot you an email using the email address you put on your order, giving you a quote for the Painting service.

It is important to note, that as the Tiles are cast and made for each order, we only refund the cost of tile if there is something wrong with them, and only if they are returned to us to inspect.

As each Tile is hand cast by me, I check each one before it goes out and I don’t send anything that I wouldn’t use myself, but every now and then something might slip through the net, you never know!

If you decide you don’t want to pay for the commission service, then we will just ship your unpainted tiles to you for you to paint yourselves.

If you have any questions you can either send a contact form through the website, or shoot me an email (info@dmb.co.uk) and I’ll do my best to answer them.