Rosebyrne Manor: Map Deck: Geomoprh Tiles

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This Deck of Cards allows you to randomly generate dungeons, and to populate those dungeons with Encounters, Monsters, Traps and Treasure. This deck of cards is designed to be used with DMB Games Geomoprh Tiles.

These tessellating 4x4 Tiles are available to buy from Geomoprh tiles always connect at the same point, allowing you to place them randomly on a table and for their entrance/exit spaces to line up. This makes creating random sprawling dungeons much quicker and easier.

While this Map deck is designed to work with our Rosebyrne Manor Game System, it can be used to generate random dungeons for any tabletop game you want to use it for. You can download a free copy of the Exploration rules, on our website that will explain how to use the random encounter/monster/trap/treasure symbols along the bottom of each card. Whatever you use these cards for we hope you find them helpful and enjoy using them in your games.

You can download the Map Deck Explanation PDF by Clicking Here. This explains how to use the map deck and the random encounter generation information on the cards