Single Layer Floor Tile: 2x2 Cracked Flagstone

Single Layer Floor Tile: 2x2 Cracked Flagstone

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This Set Contains:

  • 1x Unpainted 2x2 Single Layer Floor Tile in the Cracked Flagstone Floor Style

The Cracks on the tiles are somewhat random and although we have several patterns of cracks your order my include the same crack pattern. You can rotate the floor tiles by 90 degrees to change the pattern layout when putting multiple tiles together.

Our single layer floor tiles are 1/”4 thick, and each individual square on them is 1”x1”.

All our tiles and accessories are crafted, cast, and painted and finished by hand. They have lots of intricate details that vary from style to style, but all enhance your tabletop gaming experience.

Made from high quality Polyurethane Resin, and as such are durable, chip resistant, lightweight, and come unpainted as standard.

Any Painted items in the product picture gallery are for display purposes only and show options available for options that are painted using our Commission Painting Service.