Rosebyrne Manor: Character Deck Expansion: The Rogue

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This Deck of Cards allows you to Play as Elau Crowise a member of the Rouges Guild of Shintar. 

"Elau is a recent arrival in Rosebyrne, He will tell anyone who asks that he is from Shintar, a sprawling city to the Southeast of Rosebyrne. and that he is here to help solve the mystery of the manor, putting his expertise in "Urban Exploration and problem-solving" to effective use.

This Deck Contains a total of 44 Cards and gives you access to the Hero Book for the Rogue Class:

  • 10 x Rogue Class Power Cards (Scoundrel Power Source Backed)
  • 10 x Dungeon Delver Active Path Power Cards (Scoundrel Power Source Backed)
  • 10 x Assassin Active Path Power Cards (Scoundrel Power Source Backed)
  • 10 x Rogue Skill Upgrades (Rogue Class Backed)
  • 2 x Rogue Starting Equipment Cards (Rogue Class Backed)
  • 2 x Rogue Starting Skill Cards (Rogue Class Backed)
  • Rogue Hero Booklet - A Document Includes Background, how to play Elau, his Upgrade Paths and All the info you need to Level him up to Level 10, including details on his two available Upgrade Paths Dungeon Delver and Assasin.  (Downloadable PDF)
  • Elau's Character Sheet. (Downloadable PDF)

A Copy of Rosebyrne Manor Base Game is required to use this Character Expansion.