Rosebyrne Manor: Character Deck Expansion: The Elementalist

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This Deck of Cards allows you to Play as Hartlin Terminart a Half Elf Elementalist, who has recently discovered her innate power to control the elements. 

"Until Recently Hartlin was a scullery maid in one of the many large houses in Shintar. The hours were long and emotionally draining. One day over exhausted she lost her temper and screamed aloud, after the master of the house had returned from a hunt, trapsing mud all over the entrance way that she had just finished cleaning. The Oil lamps exploded in to flame, and the iron hinges on the houses main doors melted.”

This Deck Contains a total of 44 Cards and gives you access to the Hero Book for the Elementalist Class:

  • 10 x Elementalist Class Power Cards (Arcanist Power Source Backed)
  • 10 x Pyromancer Active Path Power Cards (Arcanist Power Source Backed)
  • 10 x Tempest Active Path Power Cards (Arcanist Power Source Backed)
  • 10 x Elementalist Skill Upgrades (Elementalist Class Backed)
  • 2 x Elementalist Starting Equipment Cards (Elementalist Class Backed)
  • 2 x Elementalist Starting Skill Cards (Elementalist Class Backed)
  • The Elementalist Hero Booklet - A Document Includes Background, how to play Hartlin, her Upgrade Paths and all the info you need to Level her up to Level 10, including details on her two available Upgrade Paths: Pyromancer and Tempest.  (Downloadable PDF)
  • Hartlin's Character Sheet. (Downloadable PDF)

A Copy of Rosebyrne Manor Base Game is required to use this Character Expansion.