Rosebyrne Manor: Game Expansion Deck: Core Game Expansion Cards

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The core game expansion card set contains 3 decks of cards that help facilitate game play and expand on the cards in the core set box.

The Card decks in the set are:

  • The Search Deck
  • The Condition Deck
  • The Flower Deck

The Search Deck

The Search Deck replaces the need to roll on the search table each time you decide to use the Search Action while exploring the Manor and its Dungeons.

Each of the twelve different results that you could roll on the Search table have been transferred to cards that form a deck you shuffle and draw from instead of flipping through the rulebook and rolling on the table.

This deck helps to streamline and speed up gameplay.


  • 12 Unique Search Cards 

The Condition Deck

The Condition Cards contain all the information you need to know about the 14 conditions in Rosebyrne Manor. Whether your hit by a fireball and are set alight gaining the Burning Condition, bitten by a Zombie Hound and contract a disease from its bite or are foolish enough to anger the spirits of the Manor and end up Cursed, these cards tell you everything you need to know.

What the Condition does, doe sit stack, what test you need to make to get rid of it and if there is any other way to remove the condition, like drinking an antidote to remove the Poisoned status...

This deck helps to streamline and speed up gameplay.


  • 14 Unique Condition Cards 

The Flower Deck

This deck consists of 14 cards that allow you to track the samples that you are trying to find for Shania Twinstar while exploring the manor grounds.


  • 12 Unique Flower Cards 

    A Copy of Rosebyrne Manor Base Game is required to use these Expansion Decks