10 More Trinkets to use in your Roleplaying Games

Posted by Andy Lawrence on

A Few weeks ago we posted a list of 10 Trinkets you can use in your RPG Games to add a little mystery to your character or for your GM to give you a story hook. 

Well here are 10 more to add to that list!

  1. A silver filigreed pocket watch with cracked glass and missing the hour hand.
  2. A dented Pewter tankard with “Stonefist” scratched into the bottom of it
  3. A small silver case with realistic drawings of creatures on small pieces of parchments inside. You have never seen half the creatures depicted in the drawings before.
  4. A rough-cut piece of quartz, that when held up to the light the inside sparkles like sunlight on a lake.
  5. An ancient box made from old dark wood, with a coloured glass inlayed top. The Glass depicts a morning sunrise, but is made from black, clear, and purple glass.
  6. An Ancient platinum coin that has the relief of a famous Dragoman Fighter on the “heads side”
  7. The Jawbone of an animal, with oversized Canine teeth.
  8. A piece of Brown marble with three names carved into it. Each name has some letters that are missing, making it hard to decipher the full names. The letters appear to have been rubbed off and the marble in these places is smooth and slightly concaved as if someone has constantly run a finger or thumb over the surface of the stone in the same place, over and over again.
  9. A small bronze burial mask, the shape and size of a rat or mouses face.
  10. A dirty brass candle holder.

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