10 Trinkets to use in your Roleplaying Games

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Trinkets are items that are used to add a bit of flavour to characters, and perhaps a little air of mystery to their backstory. They can be used to spark the imagination of the player or a way for the GM to weave a character into their story a bit. 

Here is a list of 10 Trinkets to use in your games.

  1. A Children’s drawing of an all-odd looking elf with dark hair and long limbs, drawn in charcoal. The Name “Geoff” is scrawled across the top of the drawing; the e is written backwards.
  2. A small piece of glass, that shines like silver when light hits it.
  3. Ragtag clothing that is threadbare and patched, it looks like it would fit a child’s doll.
  4. A Small doll made of Wound twine and thick string.
  5. A pendant made of pewter. The setting is missing its gem, but someone has scratched swirls and other geometric shapes into the metal with a sharp object.
  6. A small gold ring on a silver chain.
  7. A full wineskin with a wax sealed wooden stopper. The stopper and wax cannot be removed no matter how hard you try. The stopper has “Full Moon, White Rabbit” carved into the top of it.
  8. Pen knife where the blade hinge is rusted so it doesn’t open.
  9. An unopened letter from your grandfather, who died when you were a baby.
  10. An invitation to a ball that happened 20 years ago.

If you do end up using them in your games, id love to hear what your players think of them and what backstories you ascribe to them as well!

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