Dungeon 9: The Den of Karash

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Our Ninth Dungeon is The Den of Karash.

This is quite a large dungeon and you won’t be able to lay the whole thing out at once from a single core set, but each room can be made individually from a core set, assuming your translating the squares into 10 ft each, which is a single 2x2 floor tile.

This Map has some fixed features on it like the portcullis between room 3 and room 6 and a few secret rooms, so I have taken these into consideration when rolling on the tables in the DMG.

Dungeon Creation Information

Location: A Building in a city
Creator:  Humans – Lawful Evil - Rogue
Dungeon Purpose: Deathtrap
History: Original Creator still in control

Karash is a name only whispered on the streets, talked about in low voices around tavern tables. He is the shadow in the night, the butcher, a collector if debts.

Hidden below an unassuming town house the Den of the man, or monster as some refer to him, called Karash lies hidden in plain sight. Karash uses his den to house his amassed fortune, and as a place to punish those who he stalks, playing lethal games and torturing them to extract the payments for debts owing.

Dungeon Environment:

These environmental and atmospheric features should be used to give a general feeling for the dungeon and can be placed in any rooms that you feel they should feature. They can be used as little or as often as you fee is appropriate for your game.

Noises: Grating, Footsteps Behind, Laughter, Banging and Slamming.
Air: Clear and Cold
Odours: Acrid, Putrid & Smokey
General Features: Cobwebs, Cracked Flasks, Dust, Bones, Slime (harmless), Mould (common), Torch Stubs.

Room 1: House Basement

Contents: Trap & Monster
Door: Stone, Locked
Room Purpose: Entry from the house above
Current Chamber State: Re-purposed into a guardroom to protect the Den

Room 2: Puzzle Room

Contents: Trick & Obstacle & Trap
Room Purpose: Puzzle to disarm trap and progress
Current Chamber State: Set and ready for the next visitor.

Room 3: Guard Room

Contents: Monster
Door 1: Wooden
Door 2: Portcullis – Locked in place by mechanism, Release lever is on the other side.
Room Purpose: To guard the complex
Current Chamber State: Rubble and the remains of previous visitors lay strewn around this room.

Room 4: Trap Room

Contents: Trap & Obstacle & Trick
Door 1: Wooden
Door 2: Double Door, Iron, locked.
Room Purpose: Puzzle to disarm trap and progress
Current Chamber State: Set and ready for the next visitor

Room 5: Crypt

Contents: Monster & Trap
Room Purpose: to protect the complex.
Current Chamber State: Repurposed now used as a guardroom.

Room 6: Puzzle Room

Contents: Trick & Obstacle & Trap
Door 1: Stone, Locked
Room Purpose: Puzzle to disarm trap and progress
Current Chamber State: Set and ready for the next visitor.

Room 7: Small Vault

Contents: Treasure & Trap
Room Purpose: To trick inhabitants in to thinking they have reached the real vault.
Current Chamber State: has chests of gold and minor magical items, as well as master crafted weapons and armour.

Room 8: Guardroom

Contents: Trap & Monster
Door: Secret Door
Room Purpose: to guard Karash’s Quaters
Current Chamber State: Monsters Nest takes up he north wall

Room 9: Karash’s Quarters

Contents: Karashs personal items, furniture and journals
Room Purpose: Karash’s Living quarters
Current Chamber State: Lived in but Empty

Room 10: Armory & Store Room

Contents: Trap & Treasure
Door: Secret Door
Room Purpose: Store room for mundane equipment and weaponry
Current Chamber State: Stocked with Weapons, Armour & Mundane Equipment including provisions.

Room 11: True Vault

Contents: Treasure
Door: Secret Door – Trapped – Very hard to find
Room Purpose: to house the real wealth of Karash
Current Chamber State: Filled with Treasure, Magic items and Artefacts.

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