Dungeon 14: The Den of Thieves

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Our Fourteenth Dungeon is The Den of Thieves.

This Dungeon is the first that needs a couple of extra tiles from our range to make it, if you are using them. It’s the first with a circular room, which you can make using the Curved Floor and Wall set that we produce.

Alternatively you could just male a square room rather than a round one, the choice is yours!

Dungeon Creation Information

Location: Beneath a Ruined Castle
Creator:  Humans – Lawful Evil - Rogue
Dungeon Purpose: Deathtrap
History: Abandoned by Creators

The Den of thieves was once an enclave of rouges, thieves, cut purses, con men and other shady types. They built the den to protect their stolen goods. and as a refuge away from the long arm of the law. They used the complex for the fencing of the goods as well as “information gathering sessions” which often involved the rack and a hot poker.

Eventually though like all good things, their little club came to an end when the local watch managed to turn one of the Thieves, and learned the location of the Den.

Dungeon Environment:

These environmental and atmospheric features should be used to give a general feeling for the dungeon and can be placed in any rooms that you feel they should feature. They can be used as little or as often as you feel is appropriate for your game.

Noises: Hissing, Footsteps Approaching, Rustling, Snapping.
Air: Clear and Damp.
Odours: Dank and Mouldy.
General Features: Pick handle, Small Stones, Splintered Club, Cobwebs, Broken Bottles.
General Furnishings and Appointments: small Rugs, Fireplace and Wood, Bones, Damp Ceiling, Bent and rusted Iron Bars.

Room 1: Guard Room

Contents: Monster
Door 1: Stone Door.
Room Purpose: Used to protect the complex
Current Chamber State: Large weapons, and smashed furniture are scattered around this room.

Room 2: Trapped Room

Contents: Trap & Monster
Room Purpose: to House the Generator and Store the Giants Essence.
Current Chamber State: Furniture wrecked but still present.

Room 3: Trapped Treasure Vault

Contents: Trap & Treasure
Room Purpose: Designed to Hold treasure and Trapped to prevent it from being stolen.
Current Chamber State: Several Treasure Chests and sacks are stored here

Room 4: Trapped Room

Contents: Trap & Monster
Room Purpose: To stop the theft of treasure from the complex
Current Chamber State: Holes in the floor, parts have partially collapsed.

Room 5: Treasure Vault

Contents: Monster and Treasure
Room Purpose: To store Treasure
Current Chamber State: Empty

Room 6: Guard Room

Contents: Monster & Trap
Door 1: Locked Portcullis
Room Purpose: To Guard the complex
Current Chamber State: Rubble, ceiling partially collapsed.

Room 7: Guard Room

Contents: Monster
Door 1: Locked Portcullis
Room Purpose: To Guard the complex
Current Chamber State: Bodies and weapons lay all over this room.

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