Dungeon 13: The Forsaken House of Evil

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Our Thirteenth Dungeon is The Forsaken House of Evil

Today’s dungeon is a place of ancient evil worship, abandoned by the gods and the old worshippers. Why did they leave, what happened, why are their odd lights and strange storms surrounding the island?

Dungeon Creation Information

Location: On an Island
Creator:  Cult or Religious Group – Worshippers of an Evil Deity
Dungeon Purpose: Temple or Shrine
History: Location cursed by the gods and shunned.

The Forsaken house of Evil, is not this place’s original name. No one remembers what it was called before, but its current moniker is apt. A Dark and foreboding place, the local fishermen steer clear of the island and the bridge to the main land was destroyed a long time ago.

Dark clouds and strange purple lightning storms roll across the island, and strange lights can be seen floating through the old buildings and across the courtyards at night.

Dungeon Environment:

These environmental and atmospheric features should be used to give a general feeling for the dungeon and can be placed in any rooms that you feel they should feature. They can be used as little or as often as you feel is appropriate for your game.

Noises: Scratching or scrabbling, Groaning, Grating
Air: Clear and Damp
Odours: Sulphurous
General Features: Damp Walls, Cobwebs, Torch Stubs, Guano, Rags, Common Mould.
General Furnishings and Appointments: Coal, Loom, Workbench, Cabinets, Pegs, Bunks, Tables, Chairs.
Religious Articles and Furnishings: Altar, Pews, Candlesticks, Tripod, Stands, Bells, Unholy Writing.

Room 1: Library

Contents: Monster
Door 1: Stone Locked
Room Purpose: Well stocked with religious treatises
Current Chamber State: used as a campsite

Room 2: Classroom

Contents: Monster
Door 1: Portcullis
Door 2: Double Stone Door, Locked
Room Purpose: Used to train in initiates and priests
Current Chamber State: Furniture wrecked but still present

Room 3: Storage

Contents: Monster with Treasure
Room Purpose:
Current Chamber State: Rubble, ceiling partially collapsed

Room 4: Conjuring Room

Contents: Empty room with treasure
Room Purpose: specially sanctified and used to summon extra planar creatures
Current Chamber State: pristine and in original state

Room 5: Central Temple

Contents: Monster with Treasure
Room Purpose: Built to accommodate rituals
Current Chamber State: Holes, floors partially collapsed.

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