Dungeon 1: The Tomb of Rai

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The Tomb of Rai Dungeon Map

Here we have the first of our Dungeons, The Tomb of Rai.

The Dungeons in this series are designed to be usable in any game you want to, which is why I have left the details as open as possible. You will need to populate the rooms with specific monsters or traps that fit the game you are running, but each Dungeon room tells you what should be placed in it.

Dungeon Creation Information

Location: Beneath a temple
Creator:  Humans— Lawful Neutral— Clerics
Dungeon Purpose: Tomb (Tombs are magnets for treasure hunters, as well as monsters that hunger for the bones of the dead.)
History: Creators Destroyed by natural Disaster

This tomb houses the sarcophagus of Rai, a cleric of a church of Justice. The tomb is situated below a ruined temple destroyed by an earthquake. The upper floor of the temple is still strewn with the remnants of the clerics, and acolytes that called it home.

Dungeon Environment:

These environmental and atmospheric features should be used to give a general feeling for the dungeon and can be placed in any rooms that you feel they should feature. They can be used as little or as often as you feel is appropriate for your game.

Noises: Chanting can be heard throughout the Tomb
Air: Clear but Cold
Odours: Dank or Mouldy
General Features: Broken Bottles, Cobwebs, Splintered Clubs, Broken Pole (5ft long), Guano, Cracks in the Ceiling, Small Puddles of Water, Rotting pieces of Wood, Discarded Lanterns, Statues.
Religious Articles and Furnishings: Holy Symbols of Helm, Vestments, Lamps, Bells, Altar, Idols.

Room 1: Entry Chamber

Contents: Monster
Room Purpose: Antechamber for those that have come to pay respect to the dead or prepare themselves for burial rituals  
Current Chamber State: Furniture Wrecked but still present

Room 2: Gallery

Contents: Trap Protecting Treasure
Room Purpose: To display the deeds of the deceased through trophies, statues, paintings and so forth
Current Chamber State: Dusty and forgotten.

Room 3: Storage Chamber

Contents: Monster with Treasure
Room Purpose: Stocked with tools for maintaining the tomb and preparing the dead for burial
Current Chamber State: Ashes, Contents mostly burned

Room 4: False Crypt

Contents: Trap
Room Purpose: Trapped to kill or capture thieves
Current Chamber State: Dusty, with a few holes in the floor.

Room 5: Tomb of Rai

Contents: Monster Guarding Treasure
Room Purpose: Grand crypt for a noble, high priest, or other important individual
Current Chamber State: Rubble Ceiling partially Collapsed

Room 6: Divination Room

Contents: Dungeon Hazard
Room Purpose: Used in rituals to contact the dead for guidance
Current Chamber State: Furniture still present, covered in cobwebs and dust.

Room 7: Crypt

Contents: Monster
Room Purpose: Crypt for less important burials
Current Chamber State: Stripped bare

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