Dungeon 2: Blackrock Fortress

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Dungeon Creation Information

Location: Floating on the Sea
Creator:  Kuo-toa
Dungeon Purpose: Stronghold
History: Location cursed by the gods and shunned

This Stronghold was constructed using volcanic stone found on the seabed of this area, giving its name Blackrock Fortress. One day the occupants of the fortress disappeared, leaving the structure empty. Over the years many people have tried to occupy Blackrock, but tragedy always befalls them, leading to the rumour that its cursed.

Dungeon Environment:

These environmental and atmospheric features should be used to give a general feeling for the dungeon and can be placed in any rooms that you feel they should feature. They can be used as little or as often as you fee is appropriate for your game.

Noises: Thudding, echoes around the Fortress, sounding like a heart beating.
Air: Clear but Cold
Odours: Sulphurous
General Features: Wood Billets, Dust, Dripping Blood, Rotting Wood, Rubble & Dirt, Rusted Spikes, Large Puddles of Water, Corroded Chains

Room 1: Antechamber

Contents: Hazard
Room Purpose: where visitors seeking access to the stronghold wait
Current Chamber State: Used recently as a campsite

Room 2: Guardroom

Contents: Monster
Room Purpose: Housing of Guards and Equipment
Current Chamber State: Furniture untouched, but the room has a fine dusting of ash

Room 3: Cistern

Contents: Empty Room with a Dungeon Hazard
Room Purpose: Providing drinking water
Current Chamber State: Pool of water around the base of the Cistern well.

Room 4: Storage

Contents: Monster Guarding Treasure
Room Purpose: Mundane goods and Supplies
Current Chamber State: untouched, crates and barrels stacked up in corners and along the walls.

Room 5: Banquet Room

Contents: Trap
Room Purpose: for hosting celebrations and guests
Current Chamber State: Rubble, Ceiling partially collapsed.

Room 6: Guardroom

Contents: Trick
Room Purpose: Housing of Guards and Equipment
Current Chamber State: Holes floor partially collapsed.

Room 7: Library

Contents: Obstacle
Room Purpose: with an extensive collection of rare books
Current Chamber State:

Room 8: Sitting Room

Contents: for family and intimate guests
Room Purpose: Furniture wrecked but still present
Current Chamber State: Converted to a dormitory

Room 9: Throne room

Contents: Trap & Monster Guarding Treasure
Room Purpose: Elaborately decorated
Current Chamber State: Pristine and in original state



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