Dungeon 3: Den of the Jade Knight

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Dungeon 3 - Den of the Jade Knight Map

Dungeon Name: Our Third Dungeon is the Den of the Jade Knight

This is the first dungeon in our series with a secret room. On the map the secret rooms are denoted by a break on the map where the room entrance is.

Dungeon Creation Information

Location: Beneath a Graveyard
Creator:  Dwarves
Dungeon Purpose: Lair
History: Abandoned by its creators

The Den of the Jade Knight was originally an old Dwarven waystation. It was built as part of an underground network of underground roads and cartways. It was abandoned by its dwarven creators after a disastrous battle with Dark Elves from the surrounding underworld.

Over time the surface world forgot the existence of the waystation until The Jade Knight discovered a secret entrance when the floor of a tomb that had been built on top of it collapsed. The Jade Knight now uses the Waystation as his base of operations.

Dungeon Environment:

These environmental and atmospheric features should be used to give a general feeling for the dungeon and can be placed in any rooms that you feel they should feature. They can be used as little or as often as you fee is appropriate for your game.

Noises: Slithering noises, echo around the Den of the Jade Knight.
Air: Clear with mist covering the floor
Odours: Rotting Vegetation,
General Features: Frescos, Rotting Wooden Pieces, copper coins, common fungi, damp walls, leaves and twigs,

Room 1: Entryway

Contents: Trap
Room Purpose: Entrance to The Lair
Current Chamber State: Empty

Room 2: Training and Exercise Room

Contents: Monster
Room Purpose: Training of The Lairs Inhabitants
Current Chamber State: In Use and Well Maintained

Room 3: Throne Room

Contents: Monster & Treasure
Room Purpose: Where the Lair's Leaders Hold Court
Current Chamber State: In Use as The Seat Of The Jade Knights Power

Room 4: Well

Contents:  Trap
Room Purpose: Drinking Water
Current Chamber State: The Well, Is Well Maintained.

Room 5: Trophy Room

Contents: Trick
Room Purpose: Trophy Room or Museum
Current Chamber State: Rubble, Ceiling Partially Collapsed

Room 6: Guardroom

Contents: Monster
Room Purpose: For the Defence Of The Lair
Current Chamber State: In Use As A Guardroom

Room 7: Pen or Prison

Contents: Dungeon Hazard
Room Purpose: Where Captives Are Held
Current Chamber State: Empty of Prisoners

Room 8: Torture Chamber

Contents: Monster
Room Purpose: Torturing Prisoners
Current Chamber State: In Use as A Torture Chamber

Room 9: Secret Room: Treasure Vault

Contents: Trap & Treasure
Room Purpose:  To Hold the Spoils of The Jade Knights Raids
Current Chamber State: Pristine


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