Dungeon 4: Vault of the Black Dragon

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Dungeon 4 - Vault of the Black Dragon

Our fourth Dungeon is the Vault of the Black Dragon

I have added some extra information to the Dungeon Environment section on this dungeon to include some General furnishings and personal items that the players might find laying around the vault, things that The Black Dragon and his gang of nefarious ne’er-do-wells might have in their possession.

Dungeon Creation Information

Location: Catacombs or sewers beneath a city
Creator:  Humans
Dungeon Purpose: Treasure Vault
History: Overrun by planar creatures

This old set of storage rooms was originally used by the builders of the city as material storage, but the entrance was closed off when the rooms where no longer needed. An extra planar traveller known as the Black Dragon, due to his love of using weapons and magic with imbued with acid, or corrosive properties, opened a planar portal and bought his retinue of rouges, cut throats and thieves here to plunder and pillage the town and surrounding area.

Dungeon Environment:

These environmental and atmospheric features should be used to give a general feeling for the dungeon and can be placed in any rooms that you feel they should feature. They can be used as little or as often as you feel is appropriate for your game.

Noises: The sound of wood being Splintered, broken, and smashed can be heard through the vault.
Air:  Clear and Drafty
Odours: A Metallic tang is in the air smell like melting metal.
General Features: Trickling Water, Ashes, Broken Arrows, torn sacks, Damp Walls, sticks, Teeth or fangs, scattered around the place, Cobwebs.
General Furnishing and Appointments:
Coal, Pallets, Benches, Hogshead Casks, Bags.
Utensils and Personal Items:
Shakers, Cups, Flagons, Mugs and Tankards, Thread, Bunches of Stolen Keys, Ear spoon.

Room 1: Entryway

Contents: Monster
Room Purpose: Entrance to The Vault
Current Chamber State: Housing for the Vaults guard monsters.

Room 2: Trap

Contents: Trap
Room Purpose: designed to kill or capture creatures that enter the dungeon
Current Chamber State: Trap is set & ready

Room 3: Guardroom

Contents: Monster & Treasure
Room Purpose: to defend against intruders
Current Chamber State: Furnished with tables chairs and Weapon racks.

Room 4: Cistern

Contents:  Obstacle
Room Purpose: providing fresh water
Current Chamber State: The cistern is dirty and has mould growing around the rim.

Room 5: Kitchen

Contents: Monster with treasure
Room Purpose: for feeding guards
Current Chamber State: Stacked with stolen food and drink supplies

Room 6: Barracks

Contents: Monster
Room Purpose: for guards
Current Chamber State:
In Use as A Guardroom & Barracks

Room 7: Armoury

Contents: Trap protecting treasure
Room Purpose: containing mundane and magic gear used by the treasure vault's guards
Current Chamber State: Pristine

Room 8: Treasure Vault

Contents: Monster, Trap, Obstacle
Room Purpose: For guarding the treasure hidden in the dungeon
Current Chamber State: Stacked with chests, sacks and Treasure.


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