Dungeon 6: The House of Ice

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Dungeon 6 - The House of Ice Map

Dungeon number 6 in our Lock-down Dungeon Series is The House of Ice.

I am sticking with the Door information and some of the extra details I have added to the last couple of maps, this one has some of the mage items, books & scrolls, as well as items that might be found in containers scattered around the place.

I have also slightly amended the text straight out of the DMG where I feel it helps with the narrative of the dungeon, like the door to Room 3. I also picked the Air, Sound and Odour results mixing a couple of the answers and adding more than one rather than randomly rolling them, to make them fit the Dungeons Environment.

Dungeon Creation Information

Location: On a promontory
Creator:  Humans – Lawful Evil - Sorcerer
Dungeon Purpose: Planar Gate
History: Conquered by Invaders

The house of Ice was home to an evil sorcerer that drew her power from the Frostfell and built at the very edge of a promontory. The sorceress was run out of the building by a group of adventurers, opening a portal to the Forstfell to escape, and encasing the building in sheets of ice, frost, and snow.

Recently the entrance to the house of Ice has started to thaw, enabling egress to the house for the first time in centuries.

Dungeon Environment:

These environmental and atmospheric features should be used to give a general feeling for the dungeon and can be placed in any rooms that you feel they should feature. They can be used as little or as often as you fee is appropriate for your game.

Noises: Creaking, Snapping & Grinding
Air: Clear, but cold and Damp
Odours: Melting Ice, Acrid, Dampness.
General Features: Wood Pieces Rotting, Large Puddles of Water, Altar, Pick Handles, Trickling Water, Damp Walls.
General Furnishings & Appointments: Pegs, Hogshead Casks, Sideboard, Sconces, Sacks, Candelabrum, Firkin Casks, Brazier & Charcoal.
Mage Furnishings:
Workbench, Bottles, Sextant, Water Clock, Quill & Ink, Pentagram, Books.
Utensils & Personal Items:
Tinderbox with Flint & Steel, Jug, Spoon, Bowl, Scroll Tube, Lamp, Perfume.
Books, Scrolls and Tomes:
Planar Navigational Chart, Text on Exotic Flora and Fauna, Recipe Book, text on Armour Making, Prayer Book, Text on Herbalism.
Container Contents: Grains, Leaves, Pellets, Metal & Glass Spheres, Ash, Strands, Husks, Crystals.

Room 1: Guardroom

Contents: Monster with Trap.
Room Purpose: to protect the portal
Current Chamber State: Monsters Lair

Room 2: Laboratory

Contents: Trick protecting treasure.
Room Purpose: To carry out experiments on the portal and the summoned creatures.
Door: Double Door Locked Wooden doors with reinforced Iron Bars
Current Chamber State:
Stocked, and usable. Has Containers with various reagents.

Room 3: Planar Junction

Contents: Monster Guarding Treasure & Trick.
Door: Single Iron Door Frozen Shut.
Room Purpose:
Where the gate to another plane once stood
Current Chamber State: Pools of water, most of the original contents are destroyed, rotting or broken.

Room 4: Study

Contents: Empty with Treasure
Door 1: Strong Wooden, Locked
Door 2:
Strong Wooden Locked
Room Purpose:
A place for the Sorcerer to write notes, and to gather research.
Current Chamber State: In Pristine condition.

Room 5: Library

Contents:  Dungeon Hazard with incidental treasure
Door: Single Wooden
Room Purpose:
Holds the history of the portal
Current Chamber State: Collapsed shelves and furniture destroyed by the ice and dampness. Some books and scrolls have survived.

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